‘APC INDEX MISMATCH – win32kfull.sys’ error message on Windows 10 systems and KYOCERA printer (updated)

What a beautiful title for an article! don’t you think?

This week Microsoft technicians have made a small gift presented as a blue screen of death (BSOD) to Windows 10 users who have a KYOCERA printer.

As a result of the installation of KB5000802 update (although also with the KB5000808) when the user tries to print any document, after have pressed the Print button the user receives a digital slap presented as a blue screen with the error message of this article’s title, and a few seconds later the computer will restart itself. What a nice surprise! don’t you think? It doesn’t matter from what program you try to print or what strategy you invent to perform the Kyocera printing. All our efforts will end up kicking against the famous blue screen Windows error message.

For now, and still waiting for Microsoft stuff to send a new update that will fix the problem, the only valid solution is to uninstall the yet famous KB5000802 update (or also the KB5000808) and pause the automatic updates for at least 7 days.

We can do this by going to Settings -> Updates and Security —> Pause updates on the one hand, and on the other hand, View update history -> Uninstall updates

UPDATE: Microsoft has finally released the update that fixes the problem. If you had paused the Automatic Updates, you have to unpause them and click Check Updates in order to install all pending updates. If requested, you have to restart the pc and click on Check Updates again until the update KB50016xx is installed, where the ‘xx’ represents 2-digit number that may vary depending on the version of Windows that we have installed (could be also possible that the optional update KB5001567 comes onto scene instead and need to be installed) and that will correct the problem with the printer. You will have to restart the pc once more and when it starts up again you could forget all this f** nightmare and keep our atention in our daily computer tasks.